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Linux Quick Install Bin Available Somewhere?

Question asked by kurt2439 on Jan 14, 2009

Is there a quick install linux bin version of Alfresco available anywhere which includes openoffice? There are references to it in the install documentation but it doesn't seem to actually exist anywhere.

I recently installed Alfresco Community 3c on a CentOS 5.2 Machine with no X Window Environment following the notes on the wiki. At the end of this process and after setting up a site, I noticed document previews did not work. I assume this is because I do not have openoffice installed. I could not find any mention of anyone installing openoffice without X on here or on google – only that you needed the headless plugin for openoffice. Is this just a limitation of installing Alfresco without an X Environment to install openoffice from? Or is my assumption incorrect and the document preview does not work for a different reason? This is why i was hoping to get the quick install bin which mentioned it included openoffice and seemed to be command line friendly from the install notes.

Anyone have any input?

Thanks in advance,