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Need robust repostory & API.  Alfresco?

Question asked by jtcarm on Jan 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2009 by zaizi

Posted this in another forum, but I'll do the short version here:

I need a robust document repository from which I can integrate unstructured content with relational data in a suite of legacy workflow applications that span VB6 to .Net 2.0/AJAX.  The workflows/business processes are EXTREMELY document intensive, they resemble insurance policy issuance/mortgage approval, but with more docs from more different sources.

Currently, what digital assets we have are in an Oracle 9i db (blobs), stored with structured data.  While this isn't an ideal situation and I want to the documents out of the DB (plus automate the paper ones), integrity is quite good since the structured and unstructured data + metadata are in the same place (though RI is spotty, at best).  So what I'd like to do is get the docs into a repository from which I can index/retrieve by the same keys as the structured data, and have this transparent to the user in their legacy application, which could be VB6 or 2.0.  Is this feasible?

I'm in the process of an ECM needs assessment and document inventory, but there's no doubt the pain points of document-centric business processes implemented in legacy apps will have to be attacked first.