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Can associations be my solution?

Question asked by kritischer on Sep 28, 2007
Hi Folks,

I'll confess now to being a newb. I'm just going to describe my situation and see if I can get some dialog started about how I should begin from a high level. I'll see where it goes from there.

I'm using Alfresco to store my companies product documentation. So far I have the space hierarchy broken down by product families. These families include schematics and drawings, board layouts, Bills of Materials. I have presentation templates setup to display the contents of a "current" space within each of these subspaces. The idea was that users can quickly find the latest revisions of a particular document based on knowing the product family.

We are starting to add Application Notes, Instruction Manuals, and Data sheets to the mix. The problem comes up because many of the product families use the same Notes, Manuals, and Data Sheets.

What I would like to do is somehow create a reference between specific documents and their parental product family space. This will eliminate having duplicate copies of documents that would then have to be maintained.

To my understanding, associations could solve this problem.

In my wildest dreams I could create a soft link or association between the document(s) and their corresponding family, then at the family (parent) level I could then apply a presentation template that displays hyperlinks to the documents (by filename and description) to those associated child documents.

Without even starting to talk about the code involved. Can anyone tell me how and if this might be possible and if I need to create custom content types and custom associations to do so?

I installed Alf using the AlfrescoCommunity-2.0-Setup.exe package.

Alfresco is great and there seems to be a great community, I'm just a little confused and would like to know more about how people do things like this.

Thanks in advance guys!