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Unable to create Site in Alfresco share throgh automated tes

Question asked by siquser1 on Jan 15, 2009
I have been using STIQ as a testing framework for automation of Alfresco share. STIQ is a wikized form of Selenium and fitnesse. It opens a website in its browser and thorugh xpath and javascript commands test different controls on the page by typing a text in a text box or clicking a button etc.
I am trying to create a site in Alfresco share. The pop up that one needs to fill to create a site has the OK button disabled initially. Once a user enter all the mandatory fields the OK button got enabled. The catch here is the user should tab through each text field and only then the OK button got enabled. If a user just move mouse from one text field to another, this wont enable the OK button.
In my automation, since I use xpath for the OK button, so I am unable to produce an effect of tabbing through STIQ. It seems to be defect in the site creation pop up.

Please Help!