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Tomcat issue

Question asked by dsierra on Sep 28, 2007
Hi guys,

so i followed the instructions of the documentation to install alfresco open source edition, i changed also the JAVA_HOME enviorment variable to set up my tomcat, i tried to start it using /opt/alfresco/tomcat/bin/ and i got the list of some enviorment variables wich indicates where is CATALINA_HOME = /opt/alfresco/tomcat and JAVA_HOME = /usr/java/java_version (version is the number of the version i can't remeber rigth now) and that's it as it's said on the manual y opened my browser and wrote http://localhost:8080 to see what's on tomcat and nothing happens i got the not found error it's sees that tomcat is not running how do i know that  alfresco's tomcat is running?? should i configure something else??