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Alfresco-Labs-3c-Linux-x86-Install will not run no errors:-(

Question asked by karlbowden on Jan 16, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2009 by karlbowden
I was wanting to test the Alfresco Labs 3c, so downloaded the install file transfered it to a ubuntu-8.10 JeOS VM. Then ran:

chmod 777 Alfresco-Labs-3c-Linux-x86-Install
And then it just returns me to the command prompt again. No errors no window popping up. Nothing. Not even appending –help outputs anything. And yet if I copy that file to my desktop machine it runs fine.
Both my desktop and vm are ubutnu-8.10 amd64 installs.

As the package list difference between the two is quite large, does anybody know what I an missing to be able to run the install file?