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Came back to Alfresco...

Question asked by javydreamercsw on Sep 28, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2007 by javydreamercsw
Not long ago (like 1-2 years) I found Alfresco while looking for a tool that can be applied to regulated environments. Sadly I had to turn around since the supprt/features weren't there. Glady I found out that the features are now in and with lots more features!

So I started again the evaluation of Alfresco to replace other Open source software (Xinco) which I was able to collaborate with and made it 21 CFR compliant in this past year (leap from version 1.11 to 2.0.3). Sadly there are still lots to do (programming) to attempt to reach what I was hoping to find and Alfresco now has.

My question here is where can I find documentation about those features (audit trail, etc)?

I read somewhere that some people were able to be ISO certified with Alfresco, is there any documentation on that? Maybe a validation package to buy?

Any help idea on how to get to the ISO related features will be a huge help. Meanwhile I'll start reading the guides to get the hang of it again.

Thanks in advance!