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how to share alfreasco session

Question asked by mmrs on Jan 17, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by ericnk
i have a jsf application and i'd like to use alfresco authentication services
i had these tow application in my wepapps dir "alfresco" and "CRC", and i want to go back and forth from my app to alfresco session,
so is there away to do that without the need to edit alfresco code??
or do i have to customize it and write my own code in alfresco to be able to do that
as a first aid the scenario shall looks like this:
A : user click login button.
B : go to class implementing action listener
C : passing user and pass to servlet
D : servlet obtain the alfresco context and authenticate recieved user info using the alfresco authentication service
E : Now how can i get the session that login info is written to without editing code in alfresco app ? or do i have to ?
thnx in advance

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