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Recursively assigning an owner...

Question asked by yann.hamon on Oct 2, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2007 by andy
I am quite new to alfresco and it kind of drives me mad :( I wanted to give coordinator rights to a space I created, which contains a complex subspaces structure. So I set him has coordinator for that space. Unfortunately, although he seems to have write access in this space, he doesn't have write access to the subdir. I then decided to make hi the owner of the folder, but it seems that he is only owner for THIS space only and not any of it subspaces.  I spent the last three hourd trying to understand how to get this to work :(

Any hint of how I could make one space and all the subspaces belong to a person, without having to go to all of them one by one?

thank you…..   :(