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Setting properties by the time of adding documents via CIFS

Question asked by alex888 on Jan 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by zaizi

I have a two-level  hierarchy of spaces like this:

|- Client1
      |- Matter11
      |- Matter12
|- Client2
      |- Matter21
      |- Mattero22

|- Clientn
      |- Mattern1

I mean, one root space (inside Company Home) and one first level of client spaces with matter subspaces inside each one. Documents can be added to the matter subspaces and all of them have a "Client" property and a "Matter" property. I need to set these two properties with the name of the client space and matter space by the moment a document is included in a client space via CIFS. Please, could anyone let me know which is the best way to do it?, maybe a script executed by an inbound action?

Kind regards and thanks in advance.