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Reporting in Alfresco

Question asked by mabayona on Oct 3, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2007 by kevinr
I´m about to implement a reporting application/module in Alfresco and I´m not yet sure how to best do it. I have to report about the status of several workflows (which are mapped to a specific space/folder structure to allow for access using CIFS to the result of each state in the workflow  -i.e. the documents produced in each state of the workflow are stored in a different folder/space-).

Options are:

1) Using the custom search capabilities to produce results about the different active workflows and report them using a template

2) Using an external tool (e.g. Jasper Reports) to produce the results (unfortunatelly the Forge project "Enterprise Report Services" has not yet produced a version compatible with v2.1 nor has delivered source code that can be modified to run with v2.1)

3) Using the WCM functionality

4) Using custom behaviors

5) Using the new JavaScript API (only available in yet-to-come v2.2?)

¿what do you think?