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editing web-client-config-actions.xml

Question asked by rudischmitz on Jan 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by rudischmitz
I am trying to add a new profile- filefolder contributor (ffContributor)permission to only have the ability to add files and create space , but not have permission to change/email users.

I have edited PermissionDefinitions.xml and web-client-config-actions.xml and am editing web-client config actions xml.

It seems like the file can't have two true permission statements? It fails on two trues but is fine with true & false as the example at the top of the file shows.

<!– Add content –>
         <action id="add_adm_content">
               <permission allow="true">CreateChildren</permission>
            <permission allow="true">ffCreateChildren</permission>