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convert image action does not take any options

Question asked by jsauer on Jan 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2009 by deepbluefish
just set up alfresco 3.0c on Centos5.2 using full bundle install with mysql as database.
besides swftools still missing everything runs without any errors in the log.

ImageMagick version 6-2-8 is up an running too.

If I want to run an image convert action on an image to resize and change orientation as given in EXIF nothing happens but the image is being copied. ImageMagick must be working somehow, because if I do a transformation from JPG to PNG it works!

What I do:
  • On a JPG image click on details

  • Run Action

  • Transform and copy image to a specific space

  • Set Values…

  • Required Format: JPG

  • Otions: -auto-orient -resize 1024x1024

  • Destination: converted images

  • OK

  • Finish
=>> Image gets copied but not rotated and not resized

If I change Required Format to PNG the conversion to PNG will take place but no rotate and no resize

If I run
convert org.jpg -auto-orient -resize 1024x1024 new.jpg
on commandline it works without problems.

Any ideas?
I can not see anything in alfresco.log
Any other log to look at?

Thanks in advance