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Alfresco vs Nuxeo : True Open Source

Question asked by heislord5 on Oct 4, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2008 by mjasay
I am a Documentum developer and would like to possibly consider learning and promoting adoption of Alfresco, but I have a few problems/questions.

1) I'm trying to decide between Alfresco and Nuxeo.  Alfresco seems to have more momentum (pardon the Documentum pun) in US, but at least Nuxeo is fully Open Source, meaning all the source including bug fixes that have not been included in a release are always available.  Having worked with Documentum, I can imagine that it becomes easy, maybe even profitable to provide releases that are rushed, and then quickly provide bug fixes afterward that are not available to the community.  Hiding any of the code, even if it is bug fixes just doesn't seem like true open source to me.  This seems to provide an incentive to provide a continuously broke release with fixes already being packaged to be released a few weeks later to the paying customers.

2) How would someone like myself, who is a Documentum developer, get the supported versions of Alfresco without paying a bunch of money.  My goal would be to create interest in Alfresco and promote it.  How can alfresco do that in an Open Source way, if the developers who need to be promoting the application to companies don't have access to bug fixes when they become available?

3) Other than market exposure, and give the fully Open approach of Nuxeo, why would someone choose Alfresco instead?