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Upload files in WCM with Metadata in DB

Question asked by vijay_alfresco on Oct 8, 2007
Hi All,

I am new to Alfresco WCM and want to post one "Basic" feature that I would expect any CMS tool to do. Can anybody let me know how to do this  using Alfresco WCM:

"Upload html files (created using dreamweaver of something) and add meta data to it (such as tile, description etc )"

I am expecting metadata to be stored in database and get deployed to production server along with files. Also, metadata should be different for different html files based on their content types (for example news articles, product pages, etc)

Note: I am open to have metadata stored in xml files, but is concerned about the performance and overloading Alfresco application for parsing hundreds of xml files. I would think, database query for meta data would be a no-brainer. (just like how they did in the document management module).

I wold really appreciate a response to the above.

Thank you in advance.