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Specializing Create Content Wizard

Question asked by joao.pereira on Oct 8, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2007 by joao.pereira
Hi there,

I'm looking for hints about where to start to achieve the following goals:

I have made a new type of content in a new model, let's call it meetingMinutes.

What I need is that when the user selects "Create Content" within a space and select "meeting minutes" as type, the next page in the wizard  (page 2) appears, asking for the date of the meeting, the participants and the persons to be informed and other attributes I defined in the model. Next I need that a new document is automatically created with name "meeting_minutes_" appended with the date of the meeting. This document is a word file copied from another space. After these steps the wizard ends and the user end with a new word document with the metadata entered in the page 2.

The wizard should only be different for the type of content "meeting minutes".
Some hint about where to start?