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Cool Stuff from other CMS's

Question asked by rdanner on Oct 9, 2007
We have the pleasure of hosting the Plone user group on our campus.  Nearly every time they have a meeting I leave the meeting impressed by what they are working on and the new innovations the community comes up with.  Meetings are once a month and the innovation from the community flows in a steady stream – there is something new every month.

The last meeting included a plug in (Plone has a plug in architecture) that allows you to put remote video content in your repository.  The plugin support Google, YouTube and several other remove video sites.  You add the content by adding the URL for the content to the system.  It goes out and gets the rest of the metadata for you.  Like Alfresco you can also append your own properties to the content type. 

The cool thing is that the content acts just like it is in your CMS but it isnt.  You have all the metadata and a pointer to the service where the actual content is.

For those driving websites this is an interesting option because you get all the benefits of having the metadata but don't have to pay for the bandwidth.