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Aspect (or property) with Geometry, Geo-Spatial Data type.

Question asked by steve.tekell on Jan 22, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by janvg
Is it feasible to add geo-spatial information into Alfresco (or any JCR)?
I would like to associate content items with spatial data - points, polygons, etc.  Something stored in a spatial (geometry) typed column, so that it can be properly indexed and queried.  There would then be some UI (google maps, ESRI+Dojo) to input geometry for an item and query for items spatially as well.

Currently a custom model supports types like decimal, date, text, etc, but nothing for geo-spatial data.

How would you add a spatial data type to a custom model in Alfresco?
What plans does Alfresco have to support geo-spatial information?

At this point it doesn't look feasible to do this within Alfresco or any JCR.

BTW There is Hibernate Spatial to add Hibernate user types for geometry data type.  However, MySQL InnoDB (Alfresco's default) doesn't support spatial indexes.  PostgreSQL (w/PostGIS) and Oracle are better choices for this.