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In need of a DMS and looking at Alfresco, need help

Question asked by phillman5 on Jan 23, 2009
We are soon to start on a major design - then build  - construction project for an new scientific instrument. The client has many standards for product assurance and configuration management: processes, interface specifications, and drawings need to be approved, tracked, and controlled.

I watched one of the introductory webinars (it was called "Simple . . . "  and seemed like one of the beginning/introductory ones.  I also watched some of JIm Pascals slideshows but they just confused me.

What I got out the webinar is that most files need to have a lot of meta data attached, and if you need to find a file you search on the metadata.  Other than that I didn't see how the data was going to be organized in the repository.

I did like how documents were submitted for approval and that workflow.  But I think I need a few more examples.  Are spaces just folders?

I also saw that Alfresco works with Office.  Does it work equally as well with Office 2008 or OpenOffice for the mac?

In the Documentation forum it was said there is lots of documentation, where are the best documentations files?   Maybe simple, then more advanced.

To find the folder test, it is recommended in Lucene to enter   @cm\:name: "Folder Test"    This just does seem easy at all!  And the results do not seem comprehensible at all.

As you can see I need many pointers.  Please give me some guidance.