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problem with line breaks in forum posts (Labs 3Stable/Final)

Question asked by steve.tekell on Jan 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2009 by steve.tekell
For a line break (new line) entered the text box when creating/editing a forum posts,  2.1 used
(XHTML compliant br)

Whereas, Labs 3Stable/Final uses
(HTML br)

Is there some way to enable support for the XHTML br/'s used in 2.1?

The problem isn't just the switch from XHTML to HTML (which is an odd choice), but that upgrading effectively breaks all the old posts.  When viewing old posts all line breaks are lost.  The br/'s are removed to display the text.  When editing old posts, the br/'s, are editable text and the text is now all on one line.

I do wonder if it's not a bad choice to switch form XHTML to HTML anyway.  Downstream applications might break.