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CIFS CheckInChekOut - No Parameter for Action

Question asked by joao.pereira on Oct 10, 2007

I'm getting an error while dragging a document into __CheckInOut.exe tool.

When I finish dragging the document, the tool ask me if I want to Run check in/out action, and after I respond yes, the following message appears:

No Parameters for Action

And nothing is done.

I notice, that my CIFS server is not running as I expected. It's running very slow and sometimes I get the following exception in Tomcat console:

00:39:55,806 ERROR [alfresco.smb.protocol] Closing session due to exception
org.alfresco.filesys.netbios.win32.WinsockNetBIOSException: 10054:SendSocket - Connection reset by peer
        at org.alfresco.filesys.netbios.win32.Win32NetBIOS.SendSocket(Native Method)
        at org.alfresco.filesys.netbios.win32.NetBIOSSocket.write(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.win32.WinsockNetBIOSPacketHandler.writePacket(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.sendResponseSMB(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.sendResponseSMB(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.NTProtocolHandler.procReadAndX(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.NTProtocolHandler.runProtocol(
        at org.alfresco.filesys.smb.server.SMBSrvSession.runHandler(

Can someone point me what is happening? In the past, with the same installation I was able to perform the action sucessfully.