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Storing Mozilla calendars in Alfresco

Question asked by olivier.migeot on Oct 10, 2007
Hi people,

I've been interested in making Mozilla Lightning (calendaring extension to Thunderbird) storing calendars in Alfresco, through WebDAV. It works well. For example, my user owns two calendars (private.ics and public.ics) in his root folder. Sweet, and I can use Alfresco's rights, so it's easy for users to allow or deny access to their calendars.

But what I'd love to do is generating FreeBusy data from there (a bunch of iCalendar files within Alfresco repository). Ideally, I would generate/update an FB file each time any of my ICS files is modified. I could well store ICS data in an outside database and make some PHP script present it (since FB data is readable by anybody, Alfresco rights aren't much useful there)

I'm not sure which way I should be heading :
    Creating custom behaviour, in Java, that does the trick. Seems overkill to me.

    Uploading, through some custom action, the content to an external app (PHP page, for example) that will do the trick. But server-side Javascript has no XmlHttpRequest, so I'm a bit stuck.

    Laying upon a custom transformation which could call an external binary.

    Anything else?
The transformation thing looks easier to me, but I guess it's made to be called with source file and destination file as parameters. In my case, I don't want to modify the ICS file, just extract its information into something else (outside of Alfresco).

Any idea, anyone? Thanks.