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Question asked by on Oct 10, 2007
New to ALfreco & trying to extend the web client.

1- How can I expand the tree view so all workspaces will be automatically displayed in the left pane window? In a lager enterprise implementation, most users cannot remember what workspace they need to workin.

2- How can I remove the display for Browse workspaces in the standard web client? If I am able to display the total tree and remove the Browse workspace, then we could use the extra space to display additional  documents

3- I have extended the model for different document type (Insurance Certificxates, AP Incoice, AR Invoice, etc) Each document type will have specific meta-data for searches. When I extend the Advance Query, we can select the specific Content Type = Insurance Certificate. We can also add additional query options at the bottom of the GUI. This helps to define what meta-data we want to search for.

How can I specify based on the content type that only the meta-data fields in the model be displayed. Right now it displays all fields define in the <custom-properties> This confuses the user because some of the meta-data fields displayed are not relative to the unique content type.