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WebScripts authorization & design

Question asked by alrice on Oct 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2008 by davidc
I am using the WebScripts feature in 2.1 and I am finding it's very nicely designed and easy to understand. I am implementing some public application forms and survey forms. The responses will get saved into Alfresco into a Drop Zone kind of space. However these are public forms and I would prefer not to bother the visitors to login as guest. If i set the WebScripts to use authentication none, then the roothome and companyhome objects are not available, and thus it's not possible to get a node reference for uploading content into Alfresco. What is recommended? Seems to me the choices are:

a) Automatically sign the user on as guest : guest and run the webscript authentication as guest . and if so, how is that done to automatically sign the visitor on? Maybe there is a client side trick with javascript that can be done if there is nothing on the Alf side to do  it?
b) Run the webscript as authentication none in which case I believe it's impossible to save content to the cms, correct?

Thanks for any advice you are able to provide on this design question.
Alex Rice