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AbstractFeedGenerator problem

Question asked by dpdiamante on Jan 26, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2010 by compaqnx7300
I have just updated Alfresco 3C to 3Stable and everything  (including restoring the repository and database) went smoothly.  There is just one minor problem.  Alfresco keeps on saying that the AbstractFeedGenerator is still busy every 30 seconds.  Though Alfresco still works while this is going on, I'm just worried that it will slowly increase the size of the alfresco log file.  I studied the code and found out that the class AbstractFeedGenerator is dependent on some configuration file.  I configured my server to use port 8082 and I think this is the reason why AbstractFeedGenerator is always 'busy'.

The Alfresco server that I updated is not yet our production server but I'm planning to upgrade our production server and I need to solve this problem.  Can anyone help me?