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Calling a JSF Bean setter via AJAX

Question asked by alr on Jan 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2009 by alr

If I got it right, it is right now only possible to call a getter of a JSF Bean with the help of the ajax servlet as mentioned in Is it also possible to create POST request where I call a certain setter with an argument?

After reading the AjaxServlet class source, there is already applied a set parameter to the "Command" Enumeration, but it is not used in any way in the service method. Implementing it would be quite quick, however I do not intend to patch the AjaxServlet - if possible.

I just checked out  the HEAD and there still seems no support for a SetCommand. Does anyone know a way, I could extend the AjaxServlet as unobtrusive as possible? Hints and pointers to the right direction are as always appreciated.