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How I long...Yearn for Alfresco to be successful...BUT!!!

Question asked by heislord5 on Oct 11, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2007 by heislord5
I so wish I could get alfresco to be reliable.

Installed Alfresco, MySQL, Java JDK on Windows XP. 

Moved a fairly large folder from drive to drive (outside alfresco) in 1.5 minutes.

Tried in Alfresco using CIFS and took a very very long time…like over an hour or something, don't remember exactly.

That is not the worst of it.  Tried to delete the files.  Taking forever.  Canceled and tried to continue deleting from Web Client.  Still taking forever and starts throwing errors.  Eventually get to a point where the parent space does not show the subspaces anymore, but the link is in the left pane.  Click it and it is still there with all its subfolders and documents.

Log out and back in and the folder doesn't show, nor the link, but if I search I find the folder.  All the subfolders and documents are still there.  At this point try deleting some of the lower documents and they will not delete.  Now I'm stuck with the content with no way of getting rid of it and it all shows up in my searches.

Error message received when trying to delete:
"Please correct the errors below then click OK:  Unable to delete space due to system error:"

I'm a Documentum developer and administrator.  I long…crave for Alfresco to work, but every time I try, I run into stuff like this.  I can't in good conscience suggest to customers to use alfresco with things like this showing up.  I really really really wish I could, but every time I try again to use it, I become disillusioned due to things like this.