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Labs 3.0 Java 5u17 vs Java 6u7 inbound email / Versioning

Question asked by bklynkaos on Jan 26, 2009
Hey Guys,

I just installed the labs 3.0 version from the web a few days ago.  So far I love the alfresco.  The install was pretty easy once I worked out the java issues.  I followed the wiki instructions exactly and the server was operational.  I configured the inbound email again as per the wiki instructions everything worked great.  I was using Java 6 update 7.  The problem i encountered was when attempting to turn on versioning i was receiving an error as seen on the post  . 

I downgraded my java to version 5 update 17 and versioning worked great except the inbound email stopped working.  The alfresco isnt even listening on port 25 when i do a netstat -an | grep 25. 

Is there a way I can have both versioning and the inbound email with a specific version on java?  If i have to build the latest head from source how would I go about upgrading the alfresco that I have in place so that I dont lose all of my customizations? 

Thank you in advance.