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Question asked by hrodriguez on Oct 11, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2007 by hrodriguez
Hi, I'm taking my first steps in developing to Alfresco Web Client and I'm quite impressed so far with its capabilities.
I'd like to do some customization in the Web client but didn't find any documentation that could help me doing the thing I would like to. So I'm asking for your help, answering the following questions:

1 - I'd like to add a custom content type to alfresco web client. I think it's possible and I already find some articles about that. I'm I right?

2-  For that custom type I'd like to have a custom editor ( a application to handle that kind of content). The editor is already implemented and it's a web-based application, which has it's own WAR file to be deployed in the same server as alfresco.
This editor would be called through a custom Action implemented for the custom content type.

Is it possible to implement that sort of thing?
Where can I find documentation about that?

Thanks in advance for your help.