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CIFS bug?

Question asked by pcmonk on Jan 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2009 by pcmonk
I ran into an odd thing today.  I am testing ver 3 final.  I was testing permissions on CIFS folders.  I would disconnect my CIFS drive share on my PC and then go into the Web Client via the Alfresco PC, change my role and then re-create the CIFS share on my PC to test.  On the 3rd or 4th cycle I was un-able to re-create the share on my PC.  It said the path to \\AlfrescoA\\alfresco could not be found.  After I restarted my PC (not alfresco) it worked again.  Could there my issues with the CIFS protocol?

Also why do I need to add an A to the host name to get access to CIFS?