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remove 'check in' from 'inbound'

Question asked by sassenach on Oct 12, 2007
I have a simple workflow with email notifications sent as the content moves from space to space. 

I want an email notification sent when content enters a space (moved there by the workflow) so I created email notification rules on all inbound items for each space in the workflow.   However whenever the user checks out and in content the email rule is triggered. I want the user to be able to edit, update, check in and out content in the space without another email notification being sent.  The user is working on the content - he knows it is there.  I want the email to be sent only when new content is added to the space.

Outbound rules create the same problem because checking out content triggers the oubound rule.

Shouldn't checking in and out content trigger on the update rule rather than inbound or outbound?

With only 3 choices: inbound, outbound or update - how do I exclude checking  in and out content from triggering this rule?