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Share Document Viewer Issue

Question asked by ndelvalle on Jan 27, 2009
Latest reply on May 18, 2009 by ndelvalle
I was able to successfully install Alfresco Share stable today with little problem. I loaded a few sample documents into a newly created site and entered into the document viewer to test the new full screen feature. I noticed that I can only view the first page of the document while in full screen or when I esc back to the normal view. Entering into the share document viewer for the initial view of any document only displays the zoom lens and zoom bar but no page navigation widgets. Is there a setting I'm missing that needs to be toggled in order for me to view the document in it's entirety using the page navigation buttons?

** Great thumbnails feature in the Document Library - that works like a charm - looks like the SWF tools are converting the views as designed. Hope someone can assist. Thanks for a great product.