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Clustering issue - session replication

Question asked by vycitalr on Oct 12, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2008 by tortiz96
I am to design cluster HA solution for Alfresco. After having read the Wiki pages about, I really do not fully understand some issues. I'd be grateful
if someone could explain this to me.
It is said, that client session replication is not supported by alfresco.
What does that mean? Does it mean, that client session replication cannot be reached even if the application server generally supports it- eg.  tomcat cluster supports session replication , and as far as I know it is enough all the sessions items implement Serializable.  I consider session replication a major feature of HA solution, because without this fail-over cannot be reached if one node fails, or at  least is significantly restricted. Considering this, does it have sense at all to have the environment clustered at application server level with the all features it provides in addition to alfresco application level? 
I mean, if eg. for the solution "Sticky Client Sessions with Simple Repository Clustering" does it have sense to have "Web Server A" and "Web Server B" as cluster nodes from tomcat's point of view…

Thank you