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Frustrated with configuration

Question asked by brkdncr on Oct 13, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2007 by mikeh
First off, I'm a dumb Windows admin.  I've played with linux in the past, even set up my own squirrelmail server.  But for what I do, I'm a dumb Windows admin.

I always look to open source first because I think open source leads to better code.

I'm looking for a way to help students manage their documents.  This will be a non-profit setup.  All of the document management solutions out there are somewhat pricey.

Alfresco is the closest I've come to a decent, open CMS.  But getting the thing to run is a lot of work!  I'm trying to something fairly simple…run the app from an applications folder, store the repository in a seperate folder on the DFS-r.

Strike one:  The wiki says something along the lines of "Alfresco expects to be installed at c:\alfresco.  Changes to the startup script are needed to install elsewhere".

There aren't any comments in the startup scripts that indicate what I need to change.  Also not seeing it in the wiki!

Strike two: the wiki indicates that <extensionRoot>/alfresco/extension/ needs to be edited and renamed to get alfresco to put the repository in a new location.  Well, I've entered "E:\DFSRoots\Network\Data\alf_Repository" and can't get alfresco to start.

I'm sure the wiki states exactly what I need to change, but let's be honest, I'm coming from Windows.  I'm expecting to see a setup.exe!

What I'd love:  Guided GUI
What I'd enjoy:  .bat file that creates or sets all of the normal customizations such as database selection, application installation, repository location, etc.  Should be using data from a very simple answer file!

Ugh, there's my opinion.  I'm not asking for the entire config to be changed, just some training wheels for stupid Windoh's admins.