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irregular occuring error (likely authentication)

Question asked by tim-erwin on Oct 14, 2007
Hello everybody,

I've got a strange error that occurs from time to time. I've built a small webapp with web-services. Therefor, I implemented a CallbackHandler to provide the ticket saved in the session context. That works fine, at least in most of the cases. I login (receive a ticket and save it) and list all sub-directories (repositoryService.get(…)) of some directory, company_home for example. When I refresh (in the Browser) multiple times (not too fast) it gives me this stack:


Any further refreshing does not help getting it away. Moving back in browser history does, I get back to the previous directory I browsed to and than - surprise - get list the previous directory again (the one that caused the error).

I read somewhere that you can switch the repository to debug mode. Where can I do that?

:?:  :?:  :?: Okay… as of writing this I'm not able to reproduce this error anymore. Good on the one hand. Scaring on the other. So, this entry is solved, officially. Still: how can I enable debug mode? And is the approach with the CallbackHandler correct?