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Ascent Capture - cannot use release script - other option?

Question asked by timsiddle on Oct 14, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2007 by mikef
Hi All.

We are currently using Ascent Capture as a method of data capture after which, data is released using the standard database release script to an oracle database.

What we would like to do is utilise Alfresco in order that the scanned document can be viewed by any number of selected people later on (i.e. some form of multiple release - once to database, once to Alfresco). The document will be searched for by reference number (which is part of the data capture process) and is one of the items of data released to our Oracle db.

I have tried the Alfresco release script, but unfortunately, because we are stuck on Ascent Cap. 5.5 it won't work. I'd like to investigate other methods of releasing data to Alfresco before we make any rash decisions to upgrade our copy of Ascent Cap.

We are talking approx 30k documents/yr - so not a huge amount, but staffing and financial resources are small.

As far as our IT Capabilities are concerned, our knowledge is fairly advanced.

Does anyone have any suggestions?