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Typo in the 2.1E LDAP synchronisation XML file

Question asked by simon on Oct 15, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2007 by simon

We are evaluating Alfresco 2.1 Enterprise and tried to configure the new LDAP synchorsiation syntax. The users did not sync giving a warning like the following:
12:35:04,860 WARN  [] User returned by user search does not have mandatory user id attribute {mail=mail:, employeetype=employeeType: EXT, objectclass=objectClass: person, inetOrgPerson, givenname=givenName: xxx, o=o: xxx, sn=sn: xxx, cn=cn: xxx}
Turned out the syntax in the ldap-synchronisation-context.xml file is wrong.
<property name="userIdAttributeName">
The bracket at the end is wrong off cours, this shoud be:
<property name="userIdAttributeName">
Can you correct this in the following release?