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Satrting with complex workflow

Question asked by midhun on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2009 by mrogers
I am  new to alfresco  1, would like to get  in depth help in  how to configure complex  workflow using alfresco. Do we need to integrate  jbpm  or other  tools to achieve this . Do we have to write custom codes for that ? .Will  this be supported in alfresco 3c labs edition

2, Is there any Deployment tab available in alfresco ? which leads the furthersteps like
From the Deployment Tab enter:
Server Name = machine name where Alfresco is installed
Server Port = port number assigned to Alfresco (default: 8080)
Server Deployer = /alfresco/jbpm/deployprocess
Press Test Connection…
If all OK, press Deploy Process Archive

Thanks in advance