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Change User permission roles

Question asked by xavikevicius on Jan 28, 2009
Hello everybody,

I want to do this with WebServices API:

1-First of all, i'll create one space/folder like admin and i'll give editor permission roles to a couple of Alfresco's users ->done via Alfresco web, not using WEb Services API.
2-Then, like admin, i'll create one file/reference into first space/folder. ->done with Web services API.
3-What do i want? Exactly for the last file, i want to change the couple of user's permission roles from edit to none. -> I want to do with Web Services API.

Logically, for that, i need to be admin user (for change user's roles), isn't it? Can i change user's roles with a normal user when i am creating a file/reference?

Thanks in advance