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LUCENE cannot find user with special name 'Nový'

Question asked by vycitalr on Oct 15, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2007 by vycitalr
I have met with very strange and annoying behavior as to user search.
When I create/change a user to have a special name 'Nový' (either lastname of firstName) I am unable to find it by that field through LUCENE query (eg. All other similar words like 'Kový', 'Novýk' works fine. I am using alfresco 2.1 Comuinty under Czech language. I do not know if it might be ralated, but the word "Nový" is Czech equivalent for 'New', and is quite a common lastname here. I experienced this on several installations (either with postrge or oracle), even on a new clean installation. I examined the DB and I could see the names correctly there (no whitespaces etc). I have no explanation for this unless it is bug. I guess this must be somewhat corrupted in Lucene. I can easily find the user by other fields (username, organizationId) or by displaying all users, and I can edit it with no problem. If I change any user to this special name, I just cannot find it anymore by that name.
Thank you for your comments.