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SURF + Application based website : Suggestions ?

Question asked by deas0815 on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2009 by deas0815
Hallo everybody,

I'm working my way through SURF, and I'm wondering what the suggested approach is to embed an application into a SURF based website.

Assume for example you want to code your application in JSF or Grails.

Should one create (webscript-based ?) components delegating to the JSF/Grails application ?
Or should one create custom (grails/JSF) components ?
Or should you back off from JSF/Grails and implement the application in webscripts ?

SURF knows about pages and paths and navigation, and so do JSF and Grails in general. If you have an action directing to another page, I guess
the application has to be aware of SURF as the DispatcherServlet is the main entry point, right ?

Or am I completely on the wrong track an missing something here ?

Any suggestion or rough outline how to do this is highly appreciated.