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Using Alfresco together with LifeRay/Jackrabbit CMIS support

Question asked by kidahl on Jan 28, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2009 by kidahl
Hi, I need some advice on how/if the CMIS standard changes the way we could use Alfresco together with Liferay/Jackrabbit.

The goal of my client is to have Alfresco as a primary CMS source. I am working on a Liferay Portal project that has a lot of "out of the box" collaboration functionality based on JSR 170 going against a Liferay provided Jackrabbit store. Given the known issues of accessing Alfresco(and probably other CMS systems) remotely using the JSR 170 remote access serialization wrapper (it is basically described as a quick hack with performance issues), we have decided not to use JSR 170 to access Alfresco remotely with these "out of the box" portlets.

That means that the content in "out of the box" jsr 170 portlets will be bound to the local Jackrabbit store, which is really not what our client want (Everything should be accessible from Alfresco, as it is the main CMS).

I had just about given up on this until I saw that Jackrabbit now has a sandbox implementation of CMIS:

Can this be used in a similar manner to OpenSearch so that Alfresco can register CMIS sources and then aggregate content from those CMS'es?

I am interested in how this could solve our issues in practice.
-Can we use the "out of the box" Liferay portlets storing content in JackRabbit and then seamlessly access this information from Alfresco as well?
-Can we search in Alfresco, and it will return and display hits from JackRabbit using CMIS?
-Can for example one Alfresco document refer/link to a document available through CMIS and show it to an Alfresco user?

..or are we still talking about yet another API that needs custom code both in the Liferay Portal and Alfresco to seem "unified?"

I am aware that CMIS is not finalized, I am looking for the "strategic" implications of opening JackRabbit up with CMIS in relation to Alfresco.

Karl Ivar Dahl