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for the love of extensibility

Question asked by rdanner on Oct 15, 2007
Guys….  what in the world is going on with all the private methods in the code base?!  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to extend this or that only to find some method is private or that the only access to a member field is through the variable itself and it's scoped private.

We need to be really careful when we are making private methods – I mean it's really got to be private stuff – something not worth/appropriate to extending, overriding, patching with a subclass etc.   

I know eclipse defaults methods to private … but PLEASE think hard before you leave a method private or packaged scope.   Not everyone has access to the base source tree to widen a scope when it becomes an issue. I don't really except the widen the scope when you need to theory anyway – we should be thinking about how the code is/will be/should be extended right from the get-go.

Making your methods protected and making sure that member fields have protected getters and setters goes a long way in making patch-able, extensible code. 

Obviously I am not here just to rant – I care deeply about the product and doing things the right way – I care about the community and it's ability to extend and patch the product – and I don't always have the context – so if I am off – fill me in!  What is the philosophy?