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public document library?

Question asked by zhangweiwu on Jan 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2009 by zhangweiwu
Dear all. I am setting up a public document library of various office document formats, including spreadsheets, drawings, text documents and presentations. I am considering setting it up with alfresco because I need the version control, preview, commenting on the documents etc that was alfresco's basic feature. I only need to add a few missing features like rating and sort by rating.

My concern is: I am not very good at javascript and wonder if all the directory and file management are done purely in javascript? I need my library document searchable from google, which is very important for a public library, and if the system rely on ajax not only on the edit & add document but also on listing and showing versions of a document, then google would miss the keywords.

Thanks in advance!