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Migrating versions from Documentum to Alfresco

Question asked by martihno on Jan 29, 2009
Hi all,

I would be really glad if someone could help me with this, I have been searching through the wiki and google all day, without any real results.

I'm having problems understanding how Alfresco versioning works - I have to transfer all the content (folders and files with versions) from Documentum to Alfresco - and I'm stuck at version control.

I have found how alfresco creates folders based on timestamps, but I cannot find any records how it is managed. I have found some material regarding version control, specifically getVersion(), get() and put() but those don't seem to help very much, as I don't really know how to use them (+ the wiki page is flagged as obsolete).

I can think of two methods to do this, neither of which I know how - because I don't know how to manage version changes:

   1. I create the file, and just make changes "brute force" 1 version at a time, so alfresco applies them itself (seems very unoptimized)
   2. I create the final file, and somehow copy all the version change details from documentum to alfresco, just by inserting the data in a DB table - this seems like a viable solution, but again - I'm stuck at where to mark the changes..

Hope someone can help me with this because I'm pretty much stranded..

Thanks a bunch