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Edit Online - Implicit Check Out, Explicit Check In

Question asked by steve.tekell on Jan 29, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2010 by itbeb
(using Alfresco Labs 3Stable/Final)

There's a change from 2.1 in the Edit behavior.
I expected "Edit Online" to work like "Edit" did in 2.1 when configured for edit-link-type=webdav.

With IE (and the Sharepoint object) in 2.1, it would do an implicit check out and implicit check in without creating a separate working copy.  Now in Labs 3Stable/Final it does an implicit check out and creates a working copy that requires an explicit check in.

Is this the intended behavior?
Is this configurable?

Is the workflow the same with CIFS?

I noticed this:
The error has gone away in 3Stable, but it is using a working copy.