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Some content node do not show up

Question asked by pcuvecle on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by gavinc
Hi all,

I have a quite strange behavior, I have the following :
A rule on a folder that calls a custom action that adds automaticaly an aspect to any document imported. At some point in time there was a bug in the code of my custom action that rollbacked my transaction.

However when it occured, the node was created anyway (but without the aspect since it was rollbacked). the problem is that the node do not show up in the web client while it appears in the node browser with the EXACT same relations/configuration an appearing node can have.

I looked everywhere in the database but I don't understand the difference between the nodes that display in the webclient and the ones that don't. Is there a flag or something somewhere that could lead to this ?

In fact I don't even know how to remove them since I can't neither search them :s (of course I could write a piece of code but in term of adminsitration that's not very nice)

Thanks for your help :)