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Alfresco word 2003 Addon in MS Word 2007

Question asked by on Oct 17, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2007 by mikeh
I'm evaluating the use of Alfresco as our Document Management System. I have bean searching the google and forums for a while and have discovered that the Alfresco Word 2003 addon should also work with MS office 2007, but I was unable to get it up and runing under office 2007. Please help me.

My problem is following, I have downloaded Office2003Addin, installed.
The problem is when I start the Word, Excel, poverpoint I can't see anywhere  new buttons or something like this.
When I dig deeper (Menu -> Word Options -> Add-ins) , I can see the alfresco plugin that it is registered in Office 2007 but in section Inactive Application Add-ins.
Than when I try to mange it (pulldown "Com Add-In" and then Manage), I got posibility to check the plugin, but after that when I come back to the list of add-in, the Alfresco Word 2003 is still inactive.

Do you have any suggestion where can be the problem or how can I activate the plugin ?