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Any ideia of modularizing alfresco core? Spring OSGI maybe?

Question asked by jbernab on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2008 by dbachem

I have been studying Alfresco, and it´s internal structure and how plugable it is today, and it´s very very powerful and I like it very much.

But I have one objection to the current structure, today is rather monolitic in the way that I cannot see clearly bundles contributing functionalities, clear units of deployment that are self contained.

I worked with some eclipse plugin development and I have been exploring the ideia of enterprise applications composed by osgi bundles, Spring OSGI is going to support this king of model.

One thing that probably would be easier with this kind of structure for instance the WCM functionalities would be a set of plugins that could be used stand alone on the core too, or much easier to mix and match the correct set of functionalities to deploy in a customer or a product.

This is really something for product families and communities, so I was wandering if there is any plan in this direction?

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