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Anybody connected a remote Flash/Flex to an Alfresco repo?

Question asked by hbf on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2007 by bustback

We want to develop a Flex SWF movie that connects to a remote Alfresco instance in order to perfom searches, return the result and load content from nodes out of the repository.

Does anybody have experiences with Alfresco/SWF that he/she can share here?

For instance, some questions I have are:

* Remote Procedure Call: Does Alfresco provide something out of the box for this? Has anybody used OpenAFM?
* Session management: Ideally, the SWF would open an Alfresco session (stored on the server) so that we can make full use of Alfresco's transactions. This is especially important if the SWF writes to the repository.

I thought about doing this with Web Scripts but REST seems to go into another direction (stateless, no marshalling, …).

Many thanks,